Collect and prioritize ride sharing customer feedback, in minutes.

Applysis brings customer feedback analysis to another level by using AI to
detect all concrete hardware or software issues and feature requests, so that
you do not categorize them manually and spend weeks or months annually.

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Applysis is data analytics tool, helping ride sharing companies to collect, analyse and prioritise customer feedback, in minutes.


Store all your customer feedback in one, dedicated place. Google Play, Apple Store, Gmail, Slack or any custom CSV file. Still not enough? Take advantage of Applysis API to submit any feedback from your custom software systems.


Our machine learning models have been trained to give you the most trustworthy results. We use state-of-the-art natural language processing technqiues (NLP) to detect any hardware or software issues and requests of your customers.


Track and prioritise bug reports, feature requests and evaluations based on popularity and impact. You can resolve or ignore issues to align feedback with your development team. Filter issues to find problems or requests at ease.

9.5 million

feedback analysed

includes iOS & Android reviews, emails & in-app feedbacks.

What do we offer

Collect feedback from multiple channels

When everyone is shouting from different channels at a time, Applysis gives you the opportunity to listen to your users and never miss what they need. So, forget manually collecting customer feedback or storing them into excel sheets.

You can automate the collecting process with a couple of clicks and store all your customer feedback at a single, dedicated and well-designed platform.

  • In-app feedbacks
  • Google & Apple stores
  • CSV import
  • Emails
  • Slack

Still not enough? We provide our own API to submit the feedback from your custom software systems.

Let AI Analyse

Clear Picture

With the help of AI, we detect concrete hardware and software problems, customers' pain and their needs. By heavily applying Machine Learning models, Applysis is capable of detecting functionality-level issues to provide you results that matter the most.

Each feedback is categorised into five categories:

  • Bug Report πŸ›
  • Feature Request πŸ™πŸ»
  • Feature Evaluation βœ…
  • Praise πŸ‘
  • Others πŸ‘½

After detecting a single issue, our AI models will group the similar ones for you, just in a matter of minutes. So that you do not categorise them manually.

Prioritise Issues


Prioritise bug reports, feature requests and evaluations based on number of users affected and its impact. Identify easily which issues are the most critical and need your attention.

  • Prioritise bugs, requests and evaluations
  • Identify critical issues
  • See all feedback for each issue
  • Sentiment timeline for issue


You can resolve or ignore issues to align feedback with your development team.


Filter issues by keywords to find problems or requests at ease. You can sort issues by number of users affected or by last seen date.

Feedback summary and management

Summary and feedback management

See full and detailed analysis based on your users' feedback. You can simply forget Google Play Console, iTunes Connect and Google Translate.

  • Auto-translate non-english reviews
  • Reply to your Android or iOS users


Simple pricing, instant sign up

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2 months free when paid annually

7 days trial, no credit card required

  • Unlimited analysis
  • Issues detection
  • Feature detection
  • Rating analysis
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Auto translation
  • Exporting reports
  • iOS reviews
  • Androd reviews
  • Reply iOS & Android reviews
  • CSV import
  • Applysis API
  • Email integration
  • Slack integration